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Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC
Privacy Statement

Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC values our customer’s privacy and has implemented the following policies and practices to protect that privacy.

Renzulli Learning does not distribute any data collected through our website to any third parties, through any means, under any circumstances.

The Renzulli Learning System uses authentication-based security. All users (students, teachers, principals, and parents) must register with an authorized Access Code, and then sign-in with a unique Username and Password combination, which is used to authenticate all access to the protected user data areas of the system. Each user’s Password can be modified by that user periodically according to the needs and protocols of each participating individual and institution.

The only people who have access to a student’s authentication codes (and by extension, to that user’s data) are:
  1. The individual student

  2. The student’s teacher(s) and other authorized school administrators

  3. The student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) – as provided by the student and/or the student’s teacher(s)

  4. Officers of Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC and the Renzulli Learning Consultant(s) assigned to the associated school’s account.

Data entered into the Renzulli Learning System are for the private, password-protected use of our customers only. There are no publicly available data spaces for casual information posting or other exchange by any users. Teachers may view their respective students’ data, of course; however, there are no shared data spaces that are not also monitored by teacher. Even registered students cannot write to or read from another student’s data area without teacher authorization and authentication. Further, Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC personnel can view data only to the extent necessary to properly service those customers, and only with their permission, except in cases under which we are made aware of, or our programs automatically detect, user generated data determined to be inappropriate or threatening. In such cases, Renzulli Learning reserves the right, but not the obligation, to suspend immediately access to the system by the offending party and notify associated school or parental authorities. NOTE: Other than a student’s name, school, grade and gender, we do not require or purposely retain any personally identifying information. Schools may even elect to allow fictitious student names to further obscure a student’s participation.

No external organizations or institutions (including the University of Connecticut) perform research using the data acquired by Renzulli Learning Systems, LLC, without the expressed written permission of the schools, school districts, and/or individuals involved.

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